Curriculum Vitae

since 2006
Self employed Open Source consultant with Focus on Linux and embedded Linux appliances.

Projects involved so far (in reverse chronological order):

  • Member of Open Source Domotics Group - A group of engineers dedicated to development of a patent-free and future-proof system for home automation. Standards involved: 6loWPAN, IPV6, Contiki OS, Smart-SARAH (see
  • Development of web-based modular visualisation platform for the OpenWIS system using django, jQuery, jQuery UI and flot. For a demonstration please use the contact page.
  • Development of Open Source Weather Station framework for Austrian Highway management company Asfinag (see Modular Framework for acquisation and storage of sensor data. Sensors can be added by simple plugin system. Supported Sensors: All UMB Sensors from German Lufft Company; Vaisala ROSA, PWDxx, HMP155, Sensit; E+E E008 Temp/Humidity; Kroneis 1wire Temperature; Thies Laser Precipitation Monitor; Boschung Precipitation Monitor PWS. Configuration via Web-Interface. Remote Access to sensor data via Asfinag MSSI (Soap based) or custom json request. Flexible Alarm system. Local database (all django supported) for configuration and measuement data. Implemented entirely in Python 2.x using Django (ORM),, DBus. Runs on Mini-ITX Atom based hardware as well as Insys' MoRoS Router (see below). OS: Gentoo Linux (but can easily adopted to other distributions).
    As of May 2012, 80 Stations are operating for nearly two years now based on Atom based mini-itx boards and three Stations are developed for Vienna based Kroneis company running on MoRoS routers. If you are interested in using the system, further development, etc. dont hesitate to contact me directly!
  • Support for Germany based Insys GmbH: Cross-compilation of Python 2.x for their MoRoS Linux Router (to run OpenWIS on it).
  • Development of a Weather Station distributed by PRT Vienna with integrated 3-channel analogue video frame grabber. Supports Vaisala DSC111, Lufft IRS31, PT100 and 1wire temperature sensors, Thies Precipitation detector (On/Off). Configuration via Web-Interface using TurboGears 1.0. Display of sensor data and video still images in Web-Interface developed together with Asfinag. Communication via either Ethernet or USB-UMTS Modem. Mobile visualisation with Epia based Web-Browser with touch screen. OS: Gentoo Linux.
  • Prototype of an event database and recommendation platform using Django, jQuery and friends.
  • Prototype of an interactive auction platform similiar to swoopo using Django and jQuery.
  • Development of a distributed digital signage system based on fanless Epia 6000 Mini-ITX Board with hardware accelerated MPEG2 decoding using pygame, Mplayer. Web-Frontend for editing the schedule in Python, incremental data distribution using rsync. OS: Gentoo Linux.
  • Consulting @ fh-campus wien: Development of a SIP Phone from ground up based on INCA-IP, oRTP, SofiaSIP, Python. Userinterface based on LCDproc and WebInterface.
2002-2005 TTTech Computersysteme AG, Vienna

Software developer in the field between embedded and high-level software.

Design and implementation of RTAI linux kernel module and user-space process for sending messages on the TTP-Bus.

High level C library for sending and receiving of TTP-messages in realtime.

Design and implementation of a Python interface for this monitoring library using SWIG and c-types.

Design and implementation of a GUI frontend for the monitoring library in C and Python using GTK+

Design and implementation of an enterprise grade issue tracking system using roundup

Design and implementation of a unified builod environment for several embedded compilers (diab, tasking) using SCons

1998-2002 ICAN Internetservices GmbH, Vienna

Employment as software developer in the area of web-applications. Design and implementation of a templating system for creation of static and dynamic webpages in Python.

Systemadminstrator for the Linux server infrastructure and design and implementation of a load balanced web server farm.

1994-1998 iR3 Video International (Philips), Vienna

Responsible for the development of the user interface for a portable VideoCD player in 8051 assembler.

Spent six months in the Philips headquarters in Eindhoven (NL) to develop and verify the feasibility of a single-chip DVD-Stream demultiplexer. The duties comprised system and software design as well as the implementation of the software part on the OAK DSP.

System Design of a wireless three-channel audio- and video transmission running at 2.4 GHz as well as system design of a modular base station based on a miniaturized VCR. System design and implementation of an innovative GUI based on a gyroscope based remote control with single-button operation in C.

1992-1994 Impuls Computersysteme GmbH, Vienna

Employed as software tester, account manager (technical support) and development of a GUI for a flat-bed scanner in C and Visual Basic running on Windows 3.1

1991-1992 Military Service

Eight months as driver in Vienna

1986-1991 HTBLA Vienna 22, Donaustadtstraße

I am not entirely sure about the translation but best would probably be "Federal Secondary College of Engineering". Anyway it lasts five years and is completed with the "General qualification for university entrance".

I specialised in electronics and computer sciences and graduated with excellent results

As a pilot this was the first year where we were able to work on a large projekt for the final exam during the whole last year. Our work comprised design and prototype of a DSP based general purpose development board. Furthermore the work comprehends the design and implementation of a bootloader for downloading small applications to the prototype board and hard- and software documentation.

1982-1986 Bundesrealgymnasium Vienna 21, Ödenburgerstraße

Bundesrealgymnasium is the name of the austrian "high scool"

1978-1982 Primary school in Wolkersdorf


1972 Birth

on 15. August in Vienna, Ottakring